Big Data lets your fingers do the walking…

There is no doubt that Big Data is one of the hottest topics of current times; yet, even

New players in PropTech

It may have been a relatively late adopter where technology is concerned, but the property industry is now

The changing face of property marketing

As with most industries, the property marketing sector has seen its own share of disruption over recent years.

The high tech home evolution

Smart home technology is one of the fastest growing consumer categories, with a recent study finding that 56%

GDPR: Best practices for compliance

It’s now less than a month until the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation comes into force, governing

What is the ePrivacy Regulation?

Whilst the new GDPR regulation has dominated headlines and discussions for some time now, another new EU regulation

What does GDPR mean for property marketing?

Things are about to change in the world of data protection and it will affect everyone in the

Pixel Develops Housing Industry First for Springfield Properties

Leading housebuilder Springfield Properties has adopted our Finishes Selector™ system and branded as their Choices Interactive. The interactive

Technology is disruptive but with it comes progress and growth

We are in the midst of a major technology revolution. Digital now dominates every sector of the economy:

Build To Rent – The Evolving Competitive Sector

With Build to Rent predicted to trigger a major transformation in the housing market –  a societal shift,