‘Digital first’ is how successful, brands engage with their buyer's today. Providing them with instant access to relevant information, when and how they want it, accelerates sales by enabling purchasers to make a confident buying decisions. Home Selector enables ‘digital first’.

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The Home Selector is an easy to use graphic based interactive system that enables potential buyer's to explore property developments like never before.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) requires no installation and can run within any development’s website across devices. It can also be deployed in sales centers, on-site sales offices and agent’s offices worldwide.

Key Benefits

For the developer

  • Increase leads by engaging buyers in a more relevant way
  • Increase marketing reach with a 24/7 sales presence
  • Increase marketing ROI through analytics
  • Little or no additional company resources required
  • Reduce costs through increased efficiencies
  • Easy to deploy and works with existing marketing plans

For the home buyer

  • Select a home from an easy to understand aerial viewpoint
  • Tour the site virtually at anytime from anywhere in the world
  • Virtually visit inside any home with or without VR headsets
  • See actual views from plot specific windows
  • Compare plots side by side
  • Choose your fit-out options by linking to other Selector systems
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Already know about Home Selector?
We deliver buyer engagement
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Percentage of Time spent on websites
Time spent on Home Selector Page
Percentage of Page Views
Making websites more effective
53% of the time spent on websites with a Home Selector is spent on this sales platform
6.5x more time is spent on the Home Selector than the home page
4x more Home Selector page views than gallery pages visited
Sources: Google Analytics & Pixel Image data



No special alterations are required to integrate into existing websites, a simple line of code is all that is needed.


The system enhances Online presence and is an effective and engaging way of informing interested buyers and investors.


Online or off line, Home Selector can be branded with project and corporate logos and colours for complete integration.

Market Insight

Gain valuable insights into your target markets with Home Selector Analytics.

  • Maximize Marketing ROI
  • Buyer activity
  • Market reach
  • Advertisement response
  • Areas of interest
  • Selling rates
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Visitor Interest Locations



Touch screen systems that engage buyers and effectively communicate development’s key features.


Providing additional reasons for clients to visit the site at an early stage. Empowering sales staff to meet the buyers needs and time saving.


Effectively representing and showcasing client’s developments from any office without additional IT requirements.

Analytics and Trends
Plot Activity

Interest by Plot

Increase conversion rates and drive sales with Home Selector Analytics by knowing more about your clients, preferences how they buy.

  • Interest shown per unit/Plot/House type
  • Rate of enquiry over sale
  • Time to sale
  • Buyers requirements and trends
  • Desirable aspects



Benefit from our content generation service for every aspect required for the Home Selector from drone photography to award winning 3D imagery.


Our flexible system allows existing content to be used where applicable.


Reuse any generic content generated across multiple projects for future cost savings and brand continuity.


Generated content can be used in future Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality delivery systems coming shortly.

Easy to Manage

Access and control all key aspects of your Home Selectors across any project from our easy to use PIXEL Cloud system.

  • Control availability and releases
  • Change pricing and visibility
  • Update content
  • Manage upcoming projects
  • Access analytics and Insight data
  • Control access for staff and agents
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What our Clients say
We deliver effective and dynamic sales systems for our clients, from developers, house builders and agents across the property spectrum.

“This is by far the most visited part of our website. Home Selector creates a well-informed and satisfied customer as well as providing a simpler and more time efficient sales process for us.”

Heather Birrell - Dundas Estates

“Having the Home Selector system as an off-plan sales tool has made all the difference to our marketing campaign with three penthouses sold off-plan within six months of launching. Providing clients with relevant and detailed information, has clearly allowed them to make an informed final commitment when buying off plan.”

Michaela Teague - MNM Developments

“Home Selector has provided us with a dynamic, interactive and detailed way of communicating more complex refurbishments and new build developments off-plan. Allowing our clients to visualise their investment has enabled us to forward sell in a much greater way than ever before.”

Michael Hodgson - Strutt & Parker (Edinburgh)

“Deploying Home Selector has provided us with a highly engaging sales tool to help our customers visualise their new home off-plan. It has allowed our sales staff to fully understand the site and enabled customers to explore and view specific plots before making a confident final buying decision.”

Michelle Lansdowne - Mactaggart & Mickel Homes

“With so much detailed information for clients to access, Home Selector has allowed them to make an informed buying decision and really helped us reach out to more overseas buyers.”

Jennifer Goldie - Savills (Glasglow)

“We find the Home Selector system a valuable sales tool. Our clients are able to gain an instant understanding of how rooms and apartments relate to each other. It enhances our buyers’ journey and significantly supports their decision to buy off-plan.”

Catriona Aitchison - Sundial Property


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